An introduction(II)

September 27, 2006

In this post I’ll continue my previous topic however I think it has a just one reader!
In previous post I mentioned that my previous doubt became very strong and there were no answer or sign from a god. Eventually I decided to erase all my previous beliefs and reconstruct my mind structure from beginning. I also decide to never accept anything without a proof.
Having no beliefs was very hard for me and it wasn’t also easy for to have a new unprejudiced view to world. But I think I did my decision well and I became an agnostic. World had changed for me in this view. After going to university I started studying philosophy anthropology psychoanalysis and something else (my field in university was computer engineering (software)) these studies made it clear for me that I had decided completely right. After a while it was clear for me 99% there is no god and if there is a god it must be a so cruel and unconscious who never care about humans.
Now I call myself an atheist (not an agnostic) because I believe that we can logically never define a god without or outside of this world and if we want to define a god within this world for example define a god naming this world and its laws that govern it we would just play with words and we wouldn’t produce a new concept.

This abstract about my life and changing my beliefs finished here.
I’ll write about other topics in future.


One comment

  1. I’m not sure we can totally eliminate the idea of intelligent design. The universe seems too complex to have randomly evolved from a few simple elements. Most of what scientists “know” about how stars are formed is mere conjecture and assumptions–no one alive has actually observed this. However, on the other hand we can observe extraoridinary things happening every day without any interfere from a “god”. For instance, have you ever watched a flower bloom or a egg and sperm unite in a petri dish to form a human? No god required!

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