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Be Back after two years

October 30, 2008

After two years i want to write here again my first new post is an answer to Anne a friend of mine who wanted to know my opnion about this article(Sleepless in Tehran) from new york times.
this is man is completely right about condition’s of Iran  especially about its economics and the affect of it over its politics. but i am not sure he has considered all factors .
what are the other factors?
i think these three or four factors below must be considered too.
0 There are many common interests between Iran and USA. i don’t want to count them needs a large independent post and i am not so much interested to write about politics. anyway they must understand it.I think both side haven’t noticed to it enough yet especially Iran. but does Obama  wants to notice? i don’t know.
1 enmity against USA has become a tool in hands of iranian mullahs. have relationship with USA equals that there is no “The great Satan”. but they need this “the great Satan” to suffocate any internal movement(women right, labours’ objections,…. ) in a militaristic atmosphere. so they don’t want loose this factor. i think they just want some kind of negotiation 1 to calm down USA and save some time 2 to reduce the danger and pressure of USA . they prefer USA as enemy but without real danger so they want negotiation to achieve this goal.
2 The second factor is unpredictability and chaos in Iran’s policy. really there is little logic in mullahs’ policies i don’t mean my logic your logic or even their logic so here the wind of wining a butterfly can cause a hurricane and this hurricane can changes many things and we can’t predict in which direction!.
3 successful negotiation often is a win win game. but there s big question and that s weather wining for iranian government is a win for Iranian people too? in this case the answer can be NO however depends on condition can be yes too.
will Obama forget human rights issues in Iran and strengthen iranian fundementalist govenment and produce another saudi aribia ?i don’t know

(please if you saw a gramatical or structural mistake in this post metion them to me thanks)