Happy NoRooz(first day of new year in persian calendar)

March 20, 2009

A few minutes ago new years started in Iran and other countries which use Jalali (Persian) Calender .So happy new year to anyone who celebrate this.
The new years in Persian calendar starts at spring equinox .so today is “norouz” = “New Rooz ” = “new day” it’s exactly the time that spring starts . It s one of few things that I love about Iran . Because this celebration and this most accurate calendar in the world are not Islamic and religious and they are pre-Islamic traditions . However this celebration doesn’t excite me as before especially this year that I’m sorry for that young blogger who died in prison and also for his family who are mourning now for their child in the new year.(i have written about it in my previous post).

i know that almost everyone here don’t celebrate nowrouz so i just say: “Happy new Spring to you”


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