A Job interview

May 23, 2009

About 2 months ago I participate in an examination for a governmental job there were many participant for position that I had booked fortunately I was successful in competition with 30 – 40 people. that examination included two parts : an specific questions which were computer related (my field)and general questions. This part were mostly religious and politic questions!!
My score in both parts were great. About one month ago they announced the result and I became glad until a few days ago that they invited me for an interview. It was a little weird for me because that position just needs one person and they had just announced my name.
when I went there for interview a long beard man asked me some religious questions like how do I pray and the Islamic laws praying laws and … (it s a common process in Iran to get a governmental job). I answer all his question very good except two very simple question about some Arabic sentences that Muslims say during praying. I knew these sentences very well because I was good Muslim and I used to pray 5 times a day but when he asked me I mixed them up however I corrected them at last but he found out that I don’t pray regularly!!!
When I left his room I was angry that why I had to answer those questions why I had to pretend to be a Muslim and … and also to reduce my chance to get that job. But for a moment I became a little happy for forgetting those bullshits.
I remembered when I left Islam I was thinking that weather I could live a day without mental existence called god. Because god attended in my mind for many years and got used to feel him observing me in all times . but this event proved me that from that god just a pale memory has remained and now I feel happy and pride for it.


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  1. Hi there. Thank you for this first hand view of what can only be termed a state sponsored religious over site of government human resources. I’ve never had quite that experience.

    Once I failed to get hired by a government contractor because I didn’t carry a piece of paper “all known refrigeration mechanics were known to carry” a temperature pressure table by DuPont. When asked I said I would read the temperature off and pressures off of my gauges. That ended the interview. Another time at an Operating Engineers Interview for acceptance into their training program (to learn to operate earth moving equipment) I was asked “If my mother still wore all those buttons?”
    (At 80, she is still ethnically militant and at times confrontational.) My interview ending reply was “Yes, but she’s got a Masters of Human services Degree from Lincoln University NOW”. (I helped her achieve it, by teaching her how to save her papers and revisions to floppy disk.) At this point the African American Official who co-presided over my interview exclaimed “That will be all”.
    Having honorably defended my kin I then concluded self employment- how ever humble is best for someone of my intellectual capacity. These kind og experiences in my life have assisted me in departing from the theocratic thought police and standard bearers who can only offer me their version of Jones Town!

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