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Who was neda? (Voice of Iran)

June 24, 2009

In my last blog post I put two videos of a girl’s death scene whom was shot to dead by government religious militia (Basij). That post became very controversial. And few people objected me why I put these videos here. However I think there is no need to answer them here again because other friends replied them perfectly but I think it better to write a little more about that.

That girl’s name was Neda (Neda agha sultan) her name in Persian means voice or sound and I think she really became a big voice for us a voice that a world heard her. a beautiful symbol for our protest and people whom have been killed in this way. In my previous post I just tried amplify this voice as much as I can maybe more people can hear it .she was almost 27 (as old as me) and studied philosophy ( I love philosophy too and even once I could get master degree in philosophy of science and …).

So when I read these new info I felt more sympathy became more sad. I don’t know exactly about her beliefs but it s not far from mind that she was atheist, agnostic or just not Muslim . One time I had an online friend her father was a mullah but she had studied philosophy and she had left Islam. Nowadays I see some people in Iran who just believe in a god but their god Is not allah or jesus or … however I mentioned these things but even if I was sure that she was Muslim this event wouldn’t be different for me because it is obvious that she was a defenseless innocent human who was killed only for her quest for freedom. If there s holiness freedom is the only holy thing for me.

BBC Persian has interviewed with her fiancé Kaspin Makan. Here I have translated some part of it to English:

Mr Makan : “Neda’s goal wasn’t Mosavi or Ahmadinjad her goal was her country and it was important for her to walk in this way. She had mentioned many times even if she loose her life and get shot in her heart – incidentally the bullet hurt her heart – she would continue this way. Young Neda taught a big lesson to many people.”

Mr Makan said about that day : “when it happened Neda was far from the center of involvements she had been sitting in car with her Music master in traffic when she left the car because of hot air and tiredness. upon images that people have sent basiji militia (with ordinary clothe) shot to her heart ”

Mr Makan added “finally with many problems we could get her body yesterday ”… “we buried her in a part of Besht Zahra. They had brought some other victims of these events to bury there. It seemed that they had allocated that part for these people” !!!

Mr Makan commented about preventing of the ceremony “we had a plan to have a ceremony for her at Monday 2:30 in a mosque but Basijs and mosque didn’t allow us because they knew that people have gotten very sad and they predicted a large number of people would present. Now we have no permission to hold up a public ceremony ”

then Mr Makan has commented about some faked images on internet which want to make a relationship between her and Mosavi’s fans and he said about it“she was very close to me she was not a fan of each of these two groups she wanted freedom. Freedom for all”


What s going on in Iran now?

June 17, 2009

I have some foreign friends (almost all of them are atheist) who have asked me same questions about new situations of Iran so I decided to write this post to answer them in one place . If you want to know my view about this before the election or you need some more info please visit my previous post.

First of all What happened ?
I don’t write about it very much because you can find about it in many news sites. In this election Mir hosein Mosavi had the highest chance to be elected probably the second chance belonged to Mehdi Karoobi and then Ahmadi nejad and Mohsen Rezai . Most people though that whether Mosavi would won the election in first stage (if he had won more than 50% of votes) or the result of election would be revealed in the second stage(if none of candidates could gain more than 50%)
in election day (12th of june) the atmosphere of society was strange : the government disabled Short Message Service of mobiles phones however most people (they announced 85%) participated in this elections but there were some signs that Ahmadinjead’s government didn’t like it and because of it a few people couldn’t vote! The most strange thing happened a few hours (about 2 hour) after end of the election . They began to announce the results(they count ballot by hand)!!! about 10 hours later ahamdinejad was the winner with a breaking a record in all election in the history of Iran .supreme leader the most powerful man in Iran(a mullah) admit it by sending a congratulation message.  For most people it was obvious that it is just Ahmadinjead’s swindler government designed result .although from the previous day the government had sent many police and anti riot forces to streets in Tehran many people without any call went to streets to object and it caused some violences . In this day the government intensified internet filtering (blocking all preposition’s sites and some popular sites like youtube and facebook again and for the first time yahoo messenger[it s very popular messenger among Iraninans] ) meanwhile  in the next days the objections got stronger and spread out to other large cities they repressed harder . Even in some cities they disabled mobile phones completely but in TV Ahamdinejad called all this something like unimportant discontent after a football match . This was a summary of what happened .
Now some of my points of views :
1  They have lost a large part of their legitimacy and if they insist on Ahmadinejad’s remaining they will lost the whole of their legitimacy. And most of people will be against them this time clearly so in this condition they can just govern in very militaristic atmosphere . However it s not good for them too but it is one of their two options . If they accept to falsify the election and perhaps a new election in this case the loose many things too . In fact in this scenario they have confessed to  their crimes in  the election and this victory of people encourage them for future events . So changing the people votes was really a foolish mistakes (all candidate believes in the bases of ISLAMIC republic and none of them (specially Mosavi) had proposed a fundamental change).

2 Many of these protesters were not pro Mosavi or pro Karoobi (like myself) they just vote for them and for many of their main reason was to prevent Ahmadinejad(again like myself) but at this time it seems that they need and want a leader and the only choice is Mosavi so this movement has became a green movement (green was the color of mosavi’s fans)

3  I am happy to have voted because now i feel i have right to say “WHERE IS MY VOTE?” (even for a mullah [read my previous post for more comment])
What will happen?
I don’t know! Perhaps the worst scenario: they will kill and arrest many of protesters and continue to govern in a militaristic atmosphere and people will know that reforming in ISLAMIC republic(!!!) is absolutely impossible .


Should I vote for a mullah?

June 8, 2009

These days Iran experiences a new political atmosphere which has affected most people. it is because of coming Tenth presidential election I think this new atmosphere has brought us some positive points:
for the first time we watched TV disputation between candidates and these disputation cleared many things for all people (perhaps because it was the first time) . It  revealed how  greedy  they are for power . In these disputations Ahmadinejad proved that he doesn’t know any thing about moralities he showed his rare ability to lie obviously in front of TV cameras and ten millions of viewers . They brought up some issues like big financial corruptions which had never been discussed in a public medias .i get thrilled when I see a candidate called Ahmadinejad a liar in Islamic TV or when they bring up each other dark past . all these resembles a putrid swamp which because of a shaking its bad smell has increased a lot. But I think people must smell it and never forget it. Yes it seams even a weak and faked democracies have some positive  points.
Anyway now why I choosed this title for this blog post . There are 4 candidates who none of them presents even a part of which I expect form president.
1 Mahmood Ahmadinjed the prsenet president who many people in the world know him for his ridiculous speeches and behaviors
2 Mohsen Rezai the former commander of revolutionary guards (a slaughter )
3 Mehdi Karoobi a mullah a former parliament chief . He has dark past too but not as dark as the others’ past. No he clearly talks about his reformist beliefs and tendencies.
4 Mir Hosein Mosavi former prime minster during war between iran and iraq(now we don’t have prime minster in Iran when he was prime minster he had most abilities of the president) he is a so called reformist but he wants to have traditional forces in his basket too so he never talks being a reformist or …
between these candidates Ahmadinejad and Mosavi have higher chance . Ahamadinejad for his power to change result of ballots and the support of some red necks whom been fed  in recent months . And Mosavi for Khatami’s support(so called reformist pretty popular former president) and a opposition wave among people which he has built against Ahamadinejad . But I am sure if vote I won’t vote for none of them . So the only unpleasant choice which remains for me is voting for that mullah because he is less worse that the others.
What do you think? Is it embarrassing for an atheist/agnostic(who can’t leave the country at least for some years) to vote to a mullah ? Should I abstain like a few other people?.(i know abstaining doesn’t work in Iran because they can easily announce false statistics) .
By the way did I make many mistakes in this text?(it was my first time that I wrote something about this kind of subject in English)