Should I vote for a mullah?

June 8, 2009

These days Iran experiences a new political atmosphere which has affected most people. it is because of coming Tenth presidential election I think this new atmosphere has brought us some positive points:
for the first time we watched TV disputation between candidates and these disputation cleared many things for all people (perhaps because it was the first time) . It  revealed how  greedy  they are for power . In these disputations Ahmadinejad proved that he doesn’t know any thing about moralities he showed his rare ability to lie obviously in front of TV cameras and ten millions of viewers . They brought up some issues like big financial corruptions which had never been discussed in a public medias .i get thrilled when I see a candidate called Ahmadinejad a liar in Islamic TV or when they bring up each other dark past . all these resembles a putrid swamp which because of a shaking its bad smell has increased a lot. But I think people must smell it and never forget it. Yes it seams even a weak and faked democracies have some positive  points.
Anyway now why I choosed this title for this blog post . There are 4 candidates who none of them presents even a part of which I expect form president.
1 Mahmood Ahmadinjed the prsenet president who many people in the world know him for his ridiculous speeches and behaviors
2 Mohsen Rezai the former commander of revolutionary guards (a slaughter )
3 Mehdi Karoobi a mullah a former parliament chief . He has dark past too but not as dark as the others’ past. No he clearly talks about his reformist beliefs and tendencies.
4 Mir Hosein Mosavi former prime minster during war between iran and iraq(now we don’t have prime minster in Iran when he was prime minster he had most abilities of the president) he is a so called reformist but he wants to have traditional forces in his basket too so he never talks being a reformist or …
between these candidates Ahmadinejad and Mosavi have higher chance . Ahamadinejad for his power to change result of ballots and the support of some red necks whom been fed  in recent months . And Mosavi for Khatami’s support(so called reformist pretty popular former president) and a opposition wave among people which he has built against Ahamadinejad . But I am sure if vote I won’t vote for none of them . So the only unpleasant choice which remains for me is voting for that mullah because he is less worse that the others.
What do you think? Is it embarrassing for an atheist/agnostic(who can’t leave the country at least for some years) to vote to a mullah ? Should I abstain like a few other people?.(i know abstaining doesn’t work in Iran because they can easily announce false statistics) .
By the way did I make many mistakes in this text?(it was my first time that I wrote something about this kind of subject in English)


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