Who is more stupid(or more dangerous) pope or Muslim mullahs?

March 19, 2009

most times when I compare Christianity with Islam I found it less dangerous and more tolerate-able . but some times priests and the Pope change my mind !
take a look at this New York Times article (his first statement about condoms)
Pope Says Condoms Make AIDS Problem Worse

here at least in Iran mullahs have no problem with condoms or other birth control methods or STD prevention .

How can he take the responsibility of the risk of AIDS for millions of his followers by weakening STD prevention programs?
it seems that Pope is a little ahead in stupidity race with Muslim Mullahs!


a Great Atheist social network

March 11, 2009

I just wanted to introduce an great atheist social network here:


i have some posts there too , my page in there is : 


perhaps in future i post in both places .


Be Back after two years

October 30, 2008

After two years i want to write here again my first new post is an answer to Anne a friend of mine who wanted to know my opnion about this article(Sleepless in Tehran) from new york times.
this is man is completely right about condition’s of Iran  especially about its economics and the affect of it over its politics. but i am not sure he has considered all factors .
what are the other factors?
i think these three or four factors below must be considered too.
0 There are many common interests between Iran and USA. i don’t want to count them here.it needs a large independent post and i am not so much interested to write about politics. anyway they must understand it.I think both side haven’t noticed to it enough yet especially Iran. but does Obama  wants to notice? i don’t know.
1 enmity against USA has become a tool in hands of iranian mullahs. have relationship with USA equals that there is no “The great Satan”. but they need this “the great Satan” to suffocate any internal movement(women right, labours’ objections,…. ) in a militaristic atmosphere. so they don’t want loose this factor. i think they just want some kind of negotiation 1 to calm down USA and save some time 2 to reduce the danger and pressure of USA . they prefer USA as enemy but without real danger so they want negotiation to achieve this goal.
2 The second factor is unpredictability and chaos in Iran’s policy. really there is little logic in mullahs’ policies i don’t mean my logic your logic or even their logic so here the wind of wining a butterfly can cause a hurricane and this hurricane can changes many things and we can’t predict in which direction!.
3 successful negotiation often is a win win game. but there s big question and that s weather wining for iranian government is a win for Iranian people too? in this case the answer can be NO however depends on condition can be yes too.
will Obama forget human rights issues in Iran and strengthen iranian fundementalist govenment and produce another saudi aribia ?i don’t know

(please if you saw a gramatical or structural mistake in this post metion them to me thanks)


An introduction(II)

September 27, 2006

In this post I’ll continue my previous topic however I think it has a just one reader!
In previous post I mentioned that my previous doubt became very strong and there were no answer or sign from a god. Eventually I decided to erase all my previous beliefs and reconstruct my mind structure from beginning. I also decide to never accept anything without a proof.
Having no beliefs was very hard for me and it wasn’t also easy for to have a new unprejudiced view to world. But I think I did my decision well and I became an agnostic. World had changed for me in this view. After going to university I started studying philosophy anthropology psychoanalysis and something else (my field in university was computer engineering (software)) these studies made it clear for me that I had decided completely right. After a while it was clear for me 99% there is no god and if there is a god it must be a so cruel and unconscious who never care about humans.
Now I call myself an atheist (not an agnostic) because I believe that we can logically never define a god without or outside of this world and if we want to define a god within this world for example define a god naming this world and its laws that govern it we would just play with words and we wouldn’t produce a new concept.

This abstract about my life and changing my beliefs finished here.
I’ll write about other topics in future.


An introduction(I)

September 22, 2006

Hello welcome to an obscure atheist’s weblog. I will write here to communicate to out of my prison world (I think I‘ll write about this prison in future more). Another reason for writing here is practicing English, because my mother tongue is Persian (Farsi) so take here easy but take it! Yes as you might guess that prison I talked about it is Iran. I think if you know this country a little it would not be so hard to understand the reason for I called it a prison.
Now I want introduce myself some more: I was born in a small city in Iran in 1982. My family was religious as many others. As you know most of people in iran are muslims , shia muslims like my family. I can remember many things from my childhood but none of them is valuable for discuss here except one: when I was 3 or 4 I asked my mother about this world , I asked her how this world was made ? She answered me god has created whole the world then I asked her who was god? I can’t remember her answer exactly I can just remember she told me about the power of god and his place in the heaven .after that I asked her who had made the god? She answered me nobody and god had no creator when this answer didn’t satisfy me she added don’t ask these questions again these are sins and god might punish me for these. After this discussion however I had some doubts I accepted all of her answers because she was my absolute sage. I think this was the first time that I faced religion concepts.
After that time gradually I became more familiar to religious concepts and all things that I was hearing about religion (Islam) was in favor of it and I never heard anything opposite the religious beliefs so my doubts got very weaker but they never died. And after all I became very religious, even more than my family. I prayed and fasted for Allah (god) in those years even I read whole of quran many times and some of its commentaries. In those years approximately I could read quran in Arabic and understand it without any translation. This situation continued until I was 18. Interesting point was that my parents never forced me to do any religious action and my treatments weren’t obligatory.
I had just one problem with Islam : sexual matters and relationship with opposite sex. I loved to have a girl friend and a love but even if I acted against Islamic laws that I believed in them I couldn’t act as I liked. And obviously it was the result of Islamic laws and culture in my society. In Islamic laws watching women face is banned for men but I couldn’t prevent myself and whenever I was watching a girl I felt that I was sinful for that. After sexual maturity sometimes I masturbated and it was very big sin for me and I couldn’t prevent myself. So asked god to help me and to protect me from these sinful acts but never he even answered me.
When I was 18 I experienced my first love, a childish love. I accidentally found a female friend (I think girl friend is not good word for what I mean) .we established a hidden relationship. We just talked via phone and we hadn’t any kind of sexual relationship even a kiss. But this simple relationship was very affective for me and I really enjoyed this sin. But this hidden relationship didn’t survived more than 4 month. She was 20 and a student in our city and after her education she left our city.
At this time my survived childhood doubts about god got stronger and this subject vexed me more. I continued to request god for help or send me sign for guidance and being free from my doubts. Some personal problems were added to the previous matters that I mentioned but still there were no help or sign from god and my doubts got stronger day after day.